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I wanted to link to two poems that I read on Saturday that really helped me:

“Perhaps It Would Eventually Erode, But…”

“A Morning Offering”

Both are from a beautiful blog called A Year of Being Here. Enjoy!


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I highly recommend this blog for a daily poem on mindfulness!

A Year of Being Here

Each poem has a picture, and is beautifully formatted. Thank you to the creators for their continued hard work and beautiful collection of poetry!

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In out-of-the-way places of the heart,
Where your thoughts never think to wander,
This beginning has been quietly forming,
Waiting until you were ready to emerge.

For a long time it has watched your desire,
Feeling the emptiness growing inside you,
Noticing how you willed yourself on,
Still unable to leave what you had outgrown.

It watched you play with the seduction of safety
And the gray promises that sameness whispered,
Heard the waves of turmoil rise and relent,
Wondered would you always live like this.

Then the delight, when your courage kindled,
And out you stepped onto new ground,
Your eyes young again with energy and dream,
A path of plenitude opening before you.

Though your destination is not yet clear
You can trust the promise of this opening;
Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning
That is at one with your life’s desire.

Awaken your spirit to adventure;
Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm,
For your soul senses the world that awaits you.

By John O’Donohue


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Oracle cards are often beautiful, true representatives of our innermost thoughts. Below are my favorite decks:

Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Dr. Steven Farmer

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Collette Baron-Reid


Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Collette Baron-Reid


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I recently purchased this beautiful audio set by David Whyte, a poet whose language is rich and deeply moving, yet still accessible. He speaks of awakening not just to each new day, but to ourselves and our continual rebirth as something and someone new.

Here is the poem titled What to Remember When Waking:

In that first
hardly noticed
to which you wake,
coming back
to this life
from the other
more secret,
and frighteningly
where everything
there is a small
into the new day
which closes
the moment
you begin
your plans.

What you can plan
is too small
for you to live.

What you can live
will make plans
for the vitality
hidden in your sleep.

To be human
is to become visible
while carrying
what is hidden
as a gift to others.

To remember
the other world
in this world
is to live in your
true inheritance.

You are not
a troubled guest
on this earth,
you are not
an accident
amidst other accidents
you were invited
from another and greater
than the one
from which
you have just emerged.

Now, looking through
the slanting light
of the morning
window toward
the mountain
of everything
that can be,
what urgency
calls you to your
one love?  What shape
waits in the seed
of you to grow
and spread
its branches
against a future sky?

Is it waiting
in the fertile sea?
In the trees
beyond the house?
In the life
you can imagine
for yourself?
In the open
and lovely
white page
on the waiting desk?

~ David Whyte ~

(The House of Belonging)

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Although I picked this book up nearly a year ago, I find that recently I have begun to develop a slight obsession with it all over again. Gabrielle Bernstein is down-to-earth and makes the teachings in A Course in Miracles accessible. I have also been listening to some of her lectures via iTunes, where you can stream them for free.

Bernstein speaks very clearly about recognizing and releasing negative thoughts. Whenever you have a fearful thought like I’m not good enough, or I will never get that job, stop, record it, and then release it. In her lectures she offers many ways to release the fearful thoughts. I personally feel these thoughts physically, so when I am in a fearful mindset, my body literally feels heavy and painful. I like to get to the source of the physical pain and ask it to relax. When my body relaxes, my mind can as well, and the fear is released.

Bernstein is also coming out with a new book, Expect Miracles, in January 2013. I can’t wait to read more of her wise words!

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Recently I was at a metaphysical bookstore, Lantern House, and Shakti Gawain’s Living in the Light jumped out at me. I had read Creative Visualization during the summer, so I was excited to see another title by her. I highly recommend this book. The language is simple and accessible, yet the concepts she discusses take a lifetime to work on. This is her second edition of the book, and according to Gawain, she spends more time talking about our shadow sides. She argues that we cannot live in the light if we cannot also accept the darkness. It is so true. Many times we want to live in peace and happiness and forget about the “bad things.” That is impossible. We must accept our shadows, whether they be anger, sadness, fear, or anything else. This is the key to healing.

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