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Hi everyone,

If you’ve read the last couple of posts you’ll know that I am expanding SpiritualiTea into a small business with workshops and Reiki. Now is a time for pondering, planning, daydreaming, and scheming, and rest! I am working and reworking my website, workshop offerings, Reiki appointment information and pricing, and I would love some constructive criticism or positive words about how the website looks, its ease of navigation, and depth of information. Basically, do you like it? And if not, what can I do better, and what can I add to my offerings?

If you would like to take just a moment to check it out, please go to www.spiritualitea.org

Please leave a comment below or email me directly at shannon@spiritualitea.org if you have any feedback.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Shannon ❤


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FullMoon Completion


I’ve been using my Earth Magic oracle cards by Dr. Steven Farmer to help me as I begin my journey into my new business, and manifest my dreams into physical reality. I’ve felt very strongly that I’m coming to the end of a cycle and old ventures, wounds, and thought patterns are beginning to resolve themselves and fall away. In my card readings the Full Moon-Completion card keeps arising as well. I believe that I am overthinking this process, however. My logical mind is trying to analyze what exactly is ending, what will be beginning, how the new cycle will look, and what I should do to wrap up the old cycle. In my body, though, I feel it is a time for rest. My body is also trying to get my attention! I rarely get sick, but in the last month I have been sick twice. I know that I am being told to slow down and reflect. Each illness also seems to come  after some sort of emotional release: either I let go of limiting beliefs, or I find a new understanding or acceptance of myself.

Within my emotional cycle is the cycle of my business. As I expand it into the world, it seems that at the same time my physical and emotional body begin to contract. I think I need to rest before I am ready to take it on fully. Although I have a space for SpiritualiTea, have regularly scheduled workshops, and am available for private appointments in the evening, I really feel like I need to find some rest within myself before I take on the new schedule and responsibilities. There needs to be some internal work done and some final preparations before I can truly take my place in the physical world. I love the possibilities for the future, where I see myself headed, and the surprises that will come along the way. I am going to allow myself to rest for now, and when it is time I will begin to blossom.


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My sister took some great photos of my new space over the weekend:

_DSC0396 2 copy














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Recently I have felt an intense depth of feeling, perhaps a depth that had been there but that I had previously been afraid of truly experiencing. The intensity and range of emotions I can experience has expanded greatly over the last month, and has brought me much joy as well as sadness. Living this way has been like putting on glasses after living for so long without them. I wrote a quick poem that just came out as I was contemplating these feelings:


In the broad of daylight

The little bird sings

Humming a sunny tune of nothing

Bringing to life the leaves and the twigs

That form its resting nesting place


The bird holds a note

And it shines through the air

As one line of silver

Reaching my ears

In my eardrum the noise

Beats like a tiny heartbeat

And I confuse

Its sound for mine


The bird flies

But not like me

For I fly with arms close

And my wings cannot be seen

Some believe they are not there

But I can see them when I move quickly

A flash of light

From the silver tune

Catches the corner of a feather


I like these glimpses

Of who I am

I have felt misunderstood

But no longer does this bother me as it once did

No longer does it poison my heart

Instead it makes me sing a silver tune

With joy


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