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I have often written about journaling on this blog. However, I have recently transitioned to automatic writing for about 20 minutes every morning. This has allowed me to tap into a higher guidance system. Rather than writing about problems or fears I am having, I pose a question, connect with my higher self, and allow myself to write down the wisdom that comes to me. I have found this to be both empowering and healing, as it allows me to step out of my day-to-day story and into a higher perspective.


This morning I sat in my meditation corner, listening to healing music, wrapped in a cozy blanket. I had trouble sleeping last night because a lot was on my mind. A project I am involved in is taking longer than I had hoped to get off the ground, and there is a lot up in the air. Instead of harping on this story, I wrote this:

What is the potential for you, if you were able to see the future as something that could be known–that there are many probable future destinations. You have the power to choose which outcome you would most like to see. The outcome you would like should be focused on solely for it to come into physical manifestation. You can draw pictures, create a vision board, and ask to see this for the highest good. When you think of how to serve others, your power increases significantly. It you were to focus on numbers and money, people would sense your fear and stay far away. But, when you focus on service and affirm that you will receive more than enough to meet your needs, all will be done in Divine Timing.

Much more empowering than a whiny journal entry about money!

If you happen to be in the area, I’m giving a workshop on Intuitive Journaling at Terraloka Wellness in Kent, CT on October 11th. Comment below if you’d like to join!


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I hope everyone had a beautiful day yesterday, whether or not you celebrate Christmas. Enjoy the love and warmth that surrounds you at this time of year, no matter what your external circumstances may look like, and hold on to that feeling throughout your year. Stay tuned for some new tea suggestions coming soon!

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This Saturday we are expecting our first real snowfall of the winter! I really love snow, and have missed it so much that I have been constantly checking the weather channel for the last month for a hint of snowfall. This is what I want my Saturday to look like:

Here is a winter meditation for those of you who have the chance to enjoy snow this season:

Find a comfortable seated position near a window where you can watch the snow fall

“Soft focus” your eyes, closing them gently halfway and focusing on the snow

Begin to breathe in for a count of 4 and out for a count of 8. Repeat this 5 or 6 times until you begin to relax

Breathe gently and quietly. Watch the snow fall as you let your mind relax.

Continue this for as long as you would like. To close the meditation, bring your hands into a prayer position, and then lift up your arms and lower them, forming a wide circle around you.

If you journal after meditation:

Contemplate the beauty of the snow. How is it that each snowflake is completely unique, yet made of the same material? How is this a metaphor for our own unity with every other being? What can you learn from slowing down long enough to enjoy the beauty of nature?

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I have fallen in love with Traditional Medicinals teas. They taste fresh and flavorful. Most of them are organic, and the green teas are Fair Trade Certified as well. They just make you feel healthier! The ginger in this green tea is an especially nice touch, and is perfect if you’re not feeling well. Enjoy!

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I hope your New Year was joyous and bright! I spent the evening eating, drinking wine, and playing scrabble in the comfort of my home.

I also made a list that evening, as I had mentioned a few days ago, with three sections: one detailing my challenges in 2011, one with my accomplishments in 2011, and one with my goals for 2012. Here it is:

Challenges: Completing my Master’s degree, moving into a new apartment, handling my finances and saving, working on my relationships, letting go of anger, facing personal issues

Accomplishments: Completing my Master’s degree, moving into a new apartment, handling my finances and saving, building deep and lasting relationships, letting go of anger, facing personal issues, beginning to follow my passion by creating SpiritualiTea both as a group and as a blog

(See any patterns between the two lists)?

Goals: Continue to pursue my passion, work on building even stronger relationships, build more confidence, drink lots of tea, do more yoga, look at life from a perspective of unity, learn to let go of anger, see every situation that comes into my life as an opportunity to learn, find joy in each day, love even more and listen to the guidance that surrounds me

I’m excited for 2012 and I look for forward to lots of metamorphosis, love, and unexpected adventures!

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Where are you going to be at midnight tomorrow? In making plans it is easy to feel pulled to go to an acquaintance’s party or to a restaurant with 50 of your closest friends. New Year’s Eve is one of those nights many people often build up in their heads as the perfect evening, complete with champagne and someone to kiss as the clock strikes 12. Two years ago I let go of this fantasy and decided that it was time I chose how to spend New Year’s Eve without letting others’ opinions influence me. (Of course, I also spent that night at my fiance’s hospital bed, but that’s a story for a different time). I am quite a homebody and I prefer not to go anywhere. Making this choice is an act of self-care and self-love because I am acknowledging my needs and recognizing that I deserve to have them met. This year, I’ll be cooking a nice meal, sharing a bottle of wine, and watching the ball drop in the comfort of my own home.

This is me dreamily contemplating my ideal New Year’s location last year at a restaurant. Close but no cigar…

Where would you be happiest spending your New Year’s Eve this year? If you are in the habit of sacrificing what you want for others, instead start off this year in both a mental and physical place thinking, there is no place else I’d rather be!

Wherever you choose to be, try this year to be mindful of releasing the old and receiving the new. Because I will be home, I am planning a ritual which I will hopefully instill in following years as well. I am making three lists: one for the challenges I faced in 2011, one for the accomplishments, and one as kind of a mini-bucket list for 2012. I hope that reviewing the year in this way will give me closure, allow me to celebrate, and also plan everything I want for the next year.

What rituals do you have on New Year’s Eve? 

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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