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So, I am getting married this Sunday, and I wanted to ask: what is your best, spiritually-minded marriage advice?

I’d love to hear from you!


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Tiferet, a journal that contains spiritual poetry, is a beautiful resource for everyone on a spiritual path. You can join the community for free, and submit to the community blog. You can also subscribe on a monthly basis and receive a subscription to Tiferet, access to archived issues, and many more great resources! Tiferet also offers courses and keeps you updated on news/events in the poetry world. Check out the community blog for a re-post of my article on David Whyte, and enjoy browsing the website!


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When I planted the zinnias in the flower pot on my tiny porch, I had no idea how badly they wanted to spread. Although I carefully dug into the moist soil, one inch for each of the twenty seeds, I guess a few just got away. Wild they were, and I was merely trying to contain them. The other day, as I drove up the driveway, I spotted a flash of color to the right. Normally all I see are the dull colors of the trash and recycling bins to the right. But in this flash of color, I turned my head and saw a small patch of zinnias, gorgeously tall and magenta. Now how did they get there? A light wind? A careless brush of the hand that sent my seeds flying off the porch? I’ll never know. What I do know is that beauty can grow next to trash cans, and nothing wild can ever be contained.

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You can go to Yogamint to see my article titled Animal Magnetism! Learn how to begin using animal symbolism to help you heal. Also, be sure to check out Yogamint‘s other articles, including a very interesting article on Ayurvedic oil pulling, as well as an article about Rose of Jamaica Tea. Enjoy!

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While reading Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity by David Whyte, I came across a quote that I loved. Whyte describes a conversation he had with a friend, Brother David. Whyte is exhausted from work and asks his friend to tell him about exhaustion. Brother David replies, “You know that the antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest? The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness.”

How true! We seek respite from our work in vacations, time in front of the television, reading, etc. Sometimes we feel so burned out from our fast pace that we feel physically and mentally exhausted, completely sick. If only we could see that it is not rest we need, but living a life that is true to our hearts. I am coming to realize this now, and reading this quote was affirmation of my feelings. I have rushed through two degrees and a full-time job without really stopping to think if my heart was in it. Now that I have stability, I am searching for some wiggle room. Luckily my job affords me a lot of time off to pursue my passions. I am deciding now how to live more fully in the wholehearted state, while still maintaining stability.

Brother David goes on to say, “You are only half here, and half here will kill you after a while.” I have lived a half life for quite a while, too afraid to jump in completely. I have dipped my toe in the waters of my heart, and pulled it back quickly when what it asked of me was too much to bear. No more. I am now wading into those waters, and finding that the temperature is just right.

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