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It’s a rainy day in Connecticut. I find myself reheating the same cup of tea over and over again as I sit at my computer. IMG_1877

I need some new tea suggestions!

What teas do you enjoy on rainy days? I would love to add some more to my collection.


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Caramel Almond Amaretti Tea 

Sweet, almondy, dessert tea. Almost like having an almond cookie…almost.

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While away on my honeymoon, I found my new favorite tea mug. I have a thing for handleless mugs, and I saw this one made by a local artist and fell in love

As you can see, I’ve been enjoying my daily chai tea from it as well. I love the size and texture of the mug. Having a special mug just for tea can help ritualize your teatime, so that it is not just another moment in the day but a time for relaxation.

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I had my bridal shower this weekend (surprise!) and received this beautiful and delicious tea from one of my bridesmaids. It is called Wedding: A Tea for Marriage by Harney and Sons. It is a white tea with a lemon-vanilla flavor and rosebuds. The tea tastes sweet and light. It is perfect for the summer and makes a beautiful wedding or shower gift.

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One of my students recently brought me Persian black tea with cardamom, knowing how much I love tea.

This is a delicious tea and it smells amazing. She brought me in several bags, but I’d love to either make or buy loose tea with the same flavor. I found this recipe from Juls’ Kitchen, a beautiful website with stunning photography and delicious recipes. I can’t wait to try this!

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I have fallen in love all over again with ginger tea! I love its spiciness and strong flavor. I like to steep it for as long as possible to make the tea fragrant, spicy, and delicious. My stomach was upset today, and this tea soothed it perfectly. Even if you are feeling perfectly well, ginger tea is a treat.

You can either buy some in a tea bag

Or brew some yourself with water, ginger root, lemon slices, and honey.

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For a simple recipe for ginger tea visit How to Make Ginger Tea by Cathy Wong

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I recently bought detoxifying tea from Traditional Medicinals. It’s delicious! I have it in the middle of the day right after lunch. The box recommends having it two-three times per day, but right now I’m happy with having it just once. It’s a strong flavor and I like to have it with a meal.

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