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Do you find yourself caught up in thoughts about what is missing in your life? Are you ruminating about the terrible things that might happen to you in the future? Do you look at your bank account and focus on what’s not there rather than what is? The lack trap is a deadly addiction to thoughts, feelings, and actions reflecting a belief in lack. Why is it so addicting? We often think that by focusing on what we don’t have, and worrying or plotting about how to obtain it, we are being productive. For example, if I have a job I do not enjoy, and I focus on how terrible it is and constantly search for a replacement job, I’ll end up being happier, right?

Unfortunately, no. When you focus your attention on what you don’t have, you end up creating more of it even if your external circumstances change. Wallowing in the sorrows of a past relationship, or worrying constantly about money will only increase your sorrows and worries, and decrease your chance of finding a meaningful relationship or creating prosperity. Even if you meet someone new or find a different job, chances are you will find the same issues waiting for you.

Even with this knowledge you may fall into the open jaws of the lack trap. I tend to find myself stuck here quite often. Where does it stem from? For me it’s all about control. If I worry, stress, ponder, ruminate, or wallow, my mind paradoxically feels soothed because it creates a sense of control over my external circumstances. I find that when I can catch myself in the trap, by allowing my repetitive thoughts to fall away and asking for divine help to allow me to trust in the power of the universe above the power of my ego, miracles can happen. Everything I need magically falls into place if I can stay in this space long enough. Of course we are all human, and we will all get lured into the lack trap every now and then. However, if you can catch yourself once you’re there, or better yet before you fall in, watch what you want most magically enter your life!


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I often dream of water: oceans, rivers, murky ponds. Water happens to be my most common dream symbol, and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have many characteristics of the water element. In my most recent dream I was in the midst of a powerful current creating strong waves. Each wave, although not very high, pushed me backwards and forwards, closer to shore and then further away from it. I was not afraid as I usually am in these dreams. I enjoyed the push and pull, and I moved freely with the current. As I became swept up and tumbled in a wave, I felt the need to breathe, and happily found that I could breathe underwater!

This dream helped me process the ebb and flow of emotions, which often feel like huge waves pulling me under. It also showed me that I need to flow more with life, and not disrupt the natural movement and cycles. I need to incorporate more of my natural water element into my life. I do not do well with structure imposed on me. It feels like I’m being imprisoned. Although I love teaching, I have a very hard time with the daily schedule. I would much prefer to create my own schedule that would allow for slower, flow-ier movements in my day. I’m not sure how to accomplish it, but I am sending this out to the universe to manifest in my life.

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Oracle cards are often beautiful, true representatives of our innermost thoughts. Below are my favorite decks:

Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Dr. Steven Farmer

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Collette Baron-Reid


Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Collette Baron-Reid


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In the past few months I have expanded SpiritualiTea into my own small business (currently working on LLC licensure) and have begun to offer more workshops and Reiki through my space. I’ve experienced a roller-coaster ride of emotions, and each new turn has brought a different lesson learned. Trust the process. Go with the flow. Have patience.

Now that I have the foundation of a business, I am looking to hone in on what SpiritualiTea should look like, who it should serve, and in what ways. In my Reiki sessions I have been able to (somewhat unexpectedly) clearly connect with the spirit world and intuitively read my clients’ energies. I love connecting with those deceased and bringing healing to people who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. With this in mind, I began contemplating taking a mediumship training course at Omega Institute. Last night I had a very vivid dream. I was speaking with a woman I do not know about developing as a medium She gave me a big hug and said that I have natural gifts that I was born with, but being a medium is not the right soul path for me. Now I am wondering: do I trust the dream I had and not take the course, or do I take the course and continue to develop this?

In another dream I received clear guidance to begin offering Reiki to children. As a teacher, I have trained to work with kids, and have experience with kids of all ages. It does seem like a natural next step to offer Reiki healing for children, especially those who have suffered a trauma, are autistic or have ADD or ADHD. Is this the next right step for SpiritualiTea to take? I should also note that within the idea of Reiki for kids, I have also considered Reiki for expecting moms.

And then finally, as I train in poetry therapy I am considering how to incorporate that into my business, perhaps working with expressive arts for children in conjunction with Reiki, as well as for adults. Whew! The ideas are spinning around my head with no place to go! Reiki practitioner, medium, teacher, poetry therapy facilitator, small business owner, and oh yes! a writer on the side as well. Can all of these loves fit into one life, and if so how? It will probably take me a lifetime, and many evolutions and more honing (and expanding) but I think I’m going to trust the process.

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I love this. Even when we don’t see the miracles around us, we can know that they are occurring anyway. Thank you pathwriter for posting this! It’s exactly what I needed to hear today.


One winter morning I awoke to see magnificent lines of frost stretching across my window panes. They seemed to rise with the sunshine and the bitter cold outside. They looked like little miracles that had been formed in the dark of night. I watched them in sheer amazement and marveled that such beautiful forms could be born during such a winter-cold night. Yet, as I pondered them, I thought of how life is so like that. We live our long, worn days in the shadows, in what often feels like barren, cold winter, so unaware of the miracles that are being created in our spirits. It takes the sudden daylight, some unexpected surprise of life, to cause our gaze to look upon a simple, stunning growth that has happened quietly inside us. Like frost designs on a winter window, they bring us beyond life’s fragmentation and remind us that we…

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We spend so much time trying to get rid of “negative” emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, judgment, and worry. How much energy does this take up on a daily basis? My new mantra for when these emotions arise? “Welcome to the party!” This automatically shifts my thinking to a welcoming, embracing perspective. Are these always my favorite party guests? No! But they have every right to be heard and be present. So, when you have a difficult emotion that keeps knocking on your door, instead of ignoring it, open up and welcome it to your inner party!

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