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“Sacred geometries are the foundations of transmitting higher frequencies of energy and awareness, from soul to soul, and across the Universe.  Though usually “unseen” from a 3D physical perspective, they are the creative and, quite literally, en-lightening structures of soul awakening, ascension, and healing.” (From this website)

I recently received an intuitive message that I should begin to work with sacred geometry to manifest my vision. I don’t know a lot about it, but I am excited to learn more. If you happen to have any information, websites, book recommendations, etc. please let me know!flower-of-life-916476_1920


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I wanted to link to two poems that I read on Saturday that really helped me:

“Perhaps It Would Eventually Erode, But…”

“A Morning Offering”

Both are from a beautiful blog called A Year of Being Here. Enjoy!

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Happy Winter Solstice! As we prepare for the shortest day of the year, and as some believe, the continuation of a rapid shift in consciousness for our planet, do what feels right for you. Your community may be offering meditations, workshops, or yoga classes. This is a great way to celebrate the continual evolution of our planet. You may also just want to rest at home tonight, be with family members, and stay within both physically and emotionally. However you choose to honor the Winter Solstice, I wish you love, peace, and reflection in this quiet time of the year.

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