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“Sacred geometries are the foundations of transmitting higher frequencies of energy and awareness, from soul to soul, and across the Universe.  Though usually “unseen” from a 3D physical perspective, they are the creative and, quite literally, en-lightening structures of soul awakening, ascension, and healing.” (From this website)

I recently received an intuitive message that I should begin to work with sacred geometry to manifest my vision. I don’t know a lot about it, but I am excited to learn more. If you happen to have any information, websites, book recommendations, etc. please let me know!flower-of-life-916476_1920


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Recently on OWN Oprah began a Lifeclass series with renowned pastor Joel Osteen. They discussed the meaning of “I am,” and the different ways we use and misuse these sacred words throughout the day. Why are these words sacred? “I am” is, in fact, another name for God. When we say “I am tired,” or “I am worthless,” we are actually saying that God is tired or worthless, which of course cannot be true. Although physically we may feel tired, or our egos may tell us that we are worthless, the truth is that we are none of those things because we are each manifestations of God.

Whatever we call ourselves, we call into being. When we say that we are tired, what do we become? More tired! Try to reverse the words you use to describe yourself. Perhaps you are feeling sad. Instead of saying “I am happy” (which would deny your feelings and probably not ring true), state “I am moving through my sadness into a state of joy.” Feel your vibration change as you say these words to yourself.

If you haven’t checked out Super Soul Sunday or any of Oprah’s lifeclasses, I suggest you do so; they are amazing and accessible! On the East coast it airs at 9 PM, but check your local listings.

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