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I love doing an oracle card reading for myself when I am facing a particular issue, or even when I just want to know the energy trends surrounding me. This morning after a peaceful meditation, I pulled cards from the Angel Answers deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

IMG_0485The cards I got were: Big, happy Changes, It’s Up to You, Success, Helpful People, Yes, and Ask for Help from Others. When I pull cards for myself, I also believe that they are world energies. The cards in my reading also apply to anyone who might be reading this blog post.

Basically, have hope, you will be successful, ask for and accept the help that comes to you because nothing big is accomplished in isolation. And remember, it’s up to you! You have free will on this journey through life. What do you want most? What is your soul calling for you to do, be, or become? You can do it!

Happy Sunday Everyone!


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I have often written about journaling on this blog. However, I have recently transitioned to automatic writing for about 20 minutes every morning. This has allowed me to tap into a higher guidance system. Rather than writing about problems or fears I am having, I pose a question, connect with my higher self, and allow myself to write down the wisdom that comes to me. I have found this to be both empowering and healing, as it allows me to step out of my day-to-day story and into a higher perspective.


This morning I sat in my meditation corner, listening to healing music, wrapped in a cozy blanket. I had trouble sleeping last night because a lot was on my mind. A project I am involved in is taking longer than I had hoped to get off the ground, and there is a lot up in the air. Instead of harping on this story, I wrote this:

What is the potential for you, if you were able to see the future as something that could be known–that there are many probable future destinations. You have the power to choose which outcome you would most like to see. The outcome you would like should be focused on solely for it to come into physical manifestation. You can draw pictures, create a vision board, and ask to see this for the highest good. When you think of how to serve others, your power increases significantly. It you were to focus on numbers and money, people would sense your fear and stay far away. But, when you focus on service and affirm that you will receive more than enough to meet your needs, all will be done in Divine Timing.

Much more empowering than a whiny journal entry about money!

If you happen to be in the area, I’m giving a workshop on Intuitive Journaling at Terraloka Wellness in Kent, CT on October 11th. Comment below if you’d like to join!

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It has been almost exactly a year since I last posted on SpiritualiTea. Although there have been many changes, my overall mission has remained the same: to offer a warm, safe space to explore spirituality (with tea).

What has been going on for me? Well, I became a life coach (yay!), began doing professional intuitive readings, left my job…more on that in a later post. I’m currently living life on my terms and have never felt happier, or more inspired! I began creating other blogs that I thought would perhaps express my new self, but in the end I’ve come back to SpiritualiTea as my home.

I’m excited to begin posting here again with a new voice and renewed passion.

There will be book suggestions, helpful resources, musings on my own spiritual life, and of course tea!

I also have a new feature: I will soon be venturing into the video podcasting world, and I hope to take you along with me! Each week I will post a new video providing an intuitive reading for the coming week’s energies. Grab a cup of tea and sit down with me on Sunday morning to find out what the week will bring for you.

Finally, I have two exciting offerings: the first is an online course that trains you to be a SpiritualiTea Facilitator in your community. Learn how to start a group, keep it going, gain members, find friends, and make a little extra money along the way!

Second, I am offering private intuitive readings by phone or Skype. I would love to get to know you and offer clear, accurate, empowering guidance on any challenges you are currently facing.

It feels good to be back.


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I have always been fascinated by dreams and I actually look forward to going to sleep each night to see what dreams I have and what messages they hold for me (as well as the fact that my bed is one of my favorite places in the world). I believe that leaving dreams out of an ongoing conversation about spirituality is a great disservice to one of the most important aspects of ourselves. Whether you dream vividly every single night, or have faint dreams once in a while, they are messages to us and they help us process whatever is going on emotionally in our lives.

In the past two nights I have had two dreams involving wild (and vicious) animals. In the first dream I was being hunted by a pack of blood-thirsty wolves. They were absolutely beautiful creatures in my dream, and I was both awe-struck and terrified of them. In the second dream I was being continually attacked by a pack of cheetahs. At one point one of them even clamped his jaws right around my face. Now I do have nightmares pretty often, but these felt more detailed, more real than a normal nightmare. And it struck me that both of them included powerful animals who wanted to (and did) attack me.

My best interpretation is that I have been running from my own power. I struggle with confidence and would often rather stay hidden in the background than claim what I want or need. I also fear my own strength because it demands a lot from me. If I actually own up to how strong I am then I might have to make some pretty scary decisions about how to live my life. I live now with my guard up, afraid to own my dreams (pun intended) and really pursue them. These wild animals seem to represent the powerful part of myself that scares me so, and yet must be expressed for my own fulfillment. My new prayer? How do I accept and express the vast power that lies in me? Now that’s a big question.

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Part of spirituality is spending time each day praying, right? But what exactly does that mean? While everybody’s prayers are vastly different, I think it is important to remember not to confuse a prayer with a plea. It is easy to ask God to please do this for me or please give me that. In fact many of us were taught from a young age that this is what it means to pray. In life, however, you must assume that everything you could ever want or need has already been given to you by God. All you need to do is accept it into your life, open your eyes to it and allow it to unfold. Replace your prayers that sound like ‘Please God let me get this promotion,’ or ‘God I really just need this relationship to work out’ with prayers that ask how you can clearly see the blessings you have already been given. Some examples:

With Your help I am able to see myself clearly

I am open to allowing You to heal me

I am willing to surrender my pain

How can I see the lesson in this situation?

This allows a whole new energy to surround you because you have clearly stated that you are willing to open up space for God to get in. It is easy to fall back into the old routine of pleading, especially when things are not going the way you had intended. With this deeper understanding of prayer, however, you can practice letting go of control and find more peace in each day.

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LOVE. As we enter the new year I am working on centering myself in my heart. This means that when I feel frazzled, overwhelmed, or any other negative emotion you can think of, I immediately focus my energy on my heart center. By breathing into that space, I feel better almost instantly. My morning meditations have helped me do this. Try this next time you meditate: Picture soft white light filling up different points around your heart and chest. When I imagine this I feel more loving and peaceful throughout my entire day. Bring more love into your life energetically and the world will look and feel completely different.

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