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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Although I am half Irish (and I look very Irish: red hair, fair skin, and blue eyes), I have never felt particularly tied to my roots. I believe it is because I am adopted and I am constantly surrounded by people who look nothing like me, and don’t have a touch of Irish in them. In fact, my sister is adopted from China. Nationality, or feeling tied to a certain piece of land and culture, is not a part of my life and I often feel like a person without roots. I am making corned beef and cabbage tonight, but it is not to celebrate a heritage I feel tied to, only to enjoy a classic meal.

There is the saying, “Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.” This saying, which often is an excuse to drink lots of Guinness, goes a little deeper perhaps. Yes, it is important to have roots and to know your heritage. Culture is an identifier and helps people know who they are. But truly we are all one no matter where we are from, what holidays we celebrate, and what traditions we have grown up with. We are all Irish, and Italian, and Japanese, and every other nationality you can think of. We are not separate individuals living isolated lives. Although it is easy to forget, we are all the same. My sadness at not having roots or feeling a sense of pride in a country is actually a gift because I feel tied to everyone.

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